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1. Participants must bring their original composition with their name and signature and hand one copy to the adjudicator
2. Pa
rticipants should play the composition live or provide video recording with any musical instrument and they should provide their own instrument except in the case of piano. Participants may bring their own devices if they choose to record the composition
3. Participant can invite anyone to perform the composition 
4. A time limit is given for the performances on competition day but it will be acceptable if the composition exceeds the time limit



RHC001    AGE 6-7    max. 3 mins    $25
RHC002    AGE 8-9    max. 4 mins    $25
RHC003    AGE 10-11    max. 5 mins    $30
RHC004    AGE 12-13    max. 8
 mins    $35
RHC005    AGE 14-15    max.11 mins    $40
RHC006    AGE 16-17    max.13 mins    $50
RHC007    AGE 18 & ABOVE    max. 15 mins    $55

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